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The Role of the Readiness Coordinator

Are the people ready? This is the most important question to answer prior to pulling the trigger on your change initiative? How will you know how to answer this question. It's easy to answer for the technology. Not so easy for the people side though. We recommend an extensive readiness structure for large complex change initiatives. Let's explore the leader of this effort and how the role can lead to success for your change initiative.

We utilize our stakeholder analysis to identify appropriate employee groupings for readiness management. These groups need to be logical and manageable. If a natural work group is large it should be broken down into smaller more manageable groups. Readiness Coordinators from these groups should be recruited. It's not usually the manager or supervisor of the group but rather the natural leader within the group. The role here is basically to localize information, ensure readiness, and provide feedback to the change leadership team.

Who leads this team of Readiness Coordinators? The successful Readiness Coordinator Leader will have:

  • Adept facilitation skills
  • Strong organization skills
  • Management and cross functional management experience
  • Knowledge of the organization and how it's run.
This role requires an ability to influence across organizational and project structural lines. The Readiness Coordinator Leader "sticks their nose" into all areas that effect readiness. The best candidate has likely played a role in the project up to this point so they are very familiar with what is happening. A great deal of responsibility resides with the Readiness Coordinator Leader especially as the project gets closer to completion.

This role is critical to success. It's a very challenging job and comes to a head in a very visible way when they answer the all important question - Are we ready?

Readiness is a complex process. Please contact us for advice on how to integrate our change readiness process within your complex change initiatives.

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