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The Human Aspects of Change
"Change is simple...
Just like losing weight
is simple."  
- Jim Canterucci

Find articles on the subject of change leadership and leadership in general. Covering pertinent leadership matters, many of the articles are published works, and have been presented in response to specific corporate needs in a broad array of public and private forums.

Change Leadership Articles

    Workflow and Change

    The Role of the Readiness Coordinator

    Communicating Change - The Actual Meeting

    Change Leadership is just common sense...isn't it?

    The Organizational Change Responsibilities of IT

    Understanding the culture 

    Does your change project pass the test? 

    Change Reaction - Are You Listening?  

    Lack of Change Readiness Can Cost Millions

    LPGA - Dissecting a Botched Change Project

    Are You a Project Manager OR a Change Leader?

    Change Project Management - The Next Step

    Are You a Change Leader?

    Us vs Them

    Change Project Management Skill Sets - The View of Practitioners

    Communicating Organizational Change

    Building The Foundation for Change

    Coalition Building - Job #1

    Change - Underscore or Undermine

    Decision Making - Do they know how?

    Wise Decision Makers Are Made, Not Born

    Do your constituents want to change?

    How to Integrate Solid Organizational Change Leadership Approaches

    Did you hear the rumor about...

    Building The Foundation for Change

    Persuasion - They Have To Want The Water

    Being Ready Can Make or Break Your Change Project

    Change Breakthrough Analysis

    A Middle Manager's Experiences As a Project Leader

    Integrating Mergers and Acquisitions

    Powerful Leaders are Active Listeners

    The Components of a Change Strategy

    Who's responsible for the executive sponsor?

    The Club

    Complex Problems - Simple Solutions

General Leadership

    Are You Valuable, or Are You Overhead?

    Accountability - The Basis for High Performance

    Alliances As a Growth Strategy

    Behind Closed Doors


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