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Change Leadership Focus

Change Leadership Focus is the best way to integrate the concepts and teachings of Change Project Management - The Next Step by Jim Canterucci within your organization.

Project Management Leaders - Are you having the impact on the organization that you should? Change Leadership Circle is the way to intensify the impact of your project management team. This graduate level program shifts the value equation. Step up to the leadership table! Realize the competitive advantage!

Each circle is made up of eight change leaders. The circle meets six times over consecutive months. This schedule allows the busy change leader to take the learning into the field, experiment, report back to the group and analyze results, receive coaching, and then return to the field.

Each session provides a lively discussion of change leadership content led by Jim Canterucci. This is followed by a report by each participant regarding his or her activities. The balance of this full day consists of Hot Seats, in which each participant brings a current issue, problem, or learning situation to the table.  

These problem/solution oriented discussions provide input to the originator (of course), but each participant benefits as well. The culture of the team is reinforced through actual examples from the field during these interactions.

Comments from Change Leadership Circle Participants:

"The opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in similar job roles has been valuable.
This has provoked a new effort to collaborate within our organization."
"I think the underlying message of accountability that runs through the program has stuck with me."
"Change Leadership Circle has made me think differently when program/project challenges come up. It has helped me be more prepared for the unexpected issues and risks."
"I am aware of more than just getting the project completed on time and on budget."
"Each time we are challenged to come back to the table with something. The format allows for me to interact with my peers and learn from their successes and insights and gives me the ability to contribute what I've learned outside of the circle."
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