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The Human Aspects of Change

Jim Canterucci

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There are many speakers who bill themselves as speaking about the topic of change. I've heard many of these messages. They basically send a message of "cope with it" to the troops. We think this is malpractice. Worse, leaders feel that they are helping the front-line staff with these sessions.
Jim Canterucci focuses instead on how we lead change in the organization, in fact showing change leaders how to actually perform a productive session for the front-line staff. Our speaking in the area of change is targeted to change leaders. If we do change to the company better, change is much easier to cope with.

Please visit our main speaking page at Although the focus there is the Personal Brilliance keynote presentation, many of Jim's presentations are on the subject of Leading Organizational Change. Contact Us for details on how to bring a unique, energizing, practical message to your next meeting.

Leading Organizational Change Topics

Change Project Management - The Next Step

This program explains the Change Project Management methods that work. The focus of the session is on the approaches to change project management that consider the human dynamics within the organization. The session explains and addresses the frameowork of successful change organization: preparing for change, executing the change project, and leveraging change.

The Skill Sets of a Change Leader

This program provides practical development strategies for the seven skill sets of a change leader. Participants analyze their own level of skill and develop a customized development plan.

Communicating Organizational Change

This program discusses the four keys to successful change communication and ways to implement these keys in specific change leadership situations.

Change Breakthrough Analysis

This program shows participants how to use the proprietary Change Breakthrough Analysis tool in a change leadership situation in order to bring constituents from their heart to their head quickly.

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