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The Skill Sets of a Change Leader

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Change leadership requires the development of certain skill sets to be successful over the long haul. This e-book lays out the required skill sets and allows you to develop your own personal development plan to enhance your skill level. You see, mastery of change leadership is a life-long journey. Skill set development is a process rather than an event. This e-book explains the nuances and creates an awareness you can utilize while leading change and traveling along the journey to change leadership mastery.

A discussion of the levels of change leadership capability are followed by detailed chapters explaining each skill set with real-life, practical examples. You can rank the skill sets in order of importance to you and also evaluate your current level of skill so you can begin a concentrated growth program. Don't be fooled by the common words used as labels for the skill sets. A unique application of these skill sets for change leaders takes place in this e-book.

The Change Leader Skill Sets

  • Planning Concepts
  • Project-Time Management
  • Coalition Building
  • Decision Making
  • Active Listening
  • Meeting Management
  • Change Communications

The Skill Sets of a Change Leader is a companion piece to the comprehensive, Change Project Management - The Next Step, The System for Change Leaders. If you would like to begin with The Skill Sets e-book, the price of this e-book is deducted from your future investment in The System.

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The Skill Sets of A Change Leader e-book

The Skill Sets of a Change Leader

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